Second Opinion

Your dentist informs you that you have a mouth full of dental health problems that need to be fixed. But you’re not sure you’re ready for a ton of dental work, or if it’s even necessary. What should you do?

If you feel like you want a second opinion about a dental health concern, it probably means you should get one.

Every patient has the right to obtain a second opinion, and for that matter, every patient has the right to refuse any treatment recommendations that they are not comfortable or willing to go ahead with. As long as the patient is capable of making decisions and is of sound mind, the right to a second opinion and the right to refuse treatment is standard in medicine. It is perfectly reasonable and acceptable for you to seek out a second opinion regarding potential dental work.

A reputable dentist will not be offended by your desire to seek a second opinion for major dental work, and he or she may even suggest that you get a second opinion. They would much rather you be comfortable with the decision to accept their recommendation.