Dental Sealants

As a preventive approach to reduce the risk of tooth decay, a dental sealant is used to protect the vulnerable pits and fissures on the chewing surfaces of teeth. These pits and fissures trap food particles and bacteria. Due to their narrow shape and depth, toothbrushes can’t effectively remove debris to clean pits and fissures. Over time, teeth begin to decay and a cavity can develop.
Before this process has an opportunity to begin, a dental sealant can be placed. First, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned to remove food and bacteria. A flowable, tooth-colored plastic composite material is used to seal off the deepest pits and fissures. Once the material is set, your chewing comfort is confirmed. After sealants are placed, chewing still feels natural and comfortable. Your teeth are easier to clean. The procedures is quick, not invasive, and requires no removal of tooth structure or dental anesthesia. We recommend dental sealants for all teeth vulnerable to decay, especially in children with newly erupted teeth.