Before & After Photos

Browse through a small selection of the work we've performed for our patients over the years.

before after


Tina did not like all the black triangle spaces between her teeth, she mentioned it looks like
food is stuck between her teeth. We applied upper and lower Porcelain Veneers to give her
the smile she had always wanted.


before after


Mary had neglected her dental care for many years, her teeth were severely chipped and
worn. We gave her many porcelain crowns to restore the function and beauty of her teeth.


Chris chipped his two front teeth many years ago. His lower teeth slowly shifted.
We applied orthodontic treatment, braces and two top front veneers. So Chris can smile with
confidence again.


Peter didn't like his four front teeth because they were small and uneven, so we applied
porcelain veneer.


Pam had naturally small lateral teeth that she was very conscious of when she smiled.
We simply veneered those two small teeth, to make her smile look great again.


Susan had bad teeth, broken, chipped, decayed and uneven teeth.
We removed her upper teeth and gave her age appropriate looking dentures.


Irene felt her teeth were too small, crooked and yellow. We applied crowns and veneers to
give her the beautiful smile that she wanted.